Work Distribution of 


Sri Pralay Majumdar, WBSC(Exe.)

Date of Joining :  

Order No. and Date : 2589/Estt./I/226/2013-17       Date:- 04/09/2018.  

1 Zilla Parashad Matters
2 Panchayat and Rural Development matters including establishment matters
3 SSK/MSK,Literacy 
4 DRDC Matter 
5 Consumer Affairs & Agri. Marketing
6 Horticulture, Agriculture and Allied Activities, Irrigation & Waterways, Public Health Engineering
7 Animal Resources
8 Fisheris/FFDA
9 Damodor Milk Union.
10 Self Help group and self employment
11 Electricity matters including RGGVY
12 Miscellaneous duties as assigned by District Magistrate from time to time.

                                        Previous                                                 Leave Substitute  --> Sri Debasish Baidya , WBCS(Exe), PD, DRDC, Hooghly