Katra Mosque..A village of Hooghly district about 3 kms. west from Bandel Station is connected by the auto service.  It is the birth place of 'Katha Silpi' Sarath Chandra Chattopadhay.  This village is one of the seven important villages named 'Sapta Gram' at the time of Mughals.

On 17th September 1875 Sarat Chandra was born in this village.  The dwelling house of Katha Shilpi along with a separate drawing room is still present in the village.  A Library named Sarat Smrithi Pathagar including a museum room containing the used things of the famous writer is also present there.

There are  also four 'Atchala' temples of 19th century present in the village.  An old'Dol Mancha' can be seen  for the interest in archaeology.