Y Ratnakara Rao , IAS

     Hooghly, with its Headquarter located at Chinsurah town, is within the Burdwan division of the State of West Bengal. So far as history goes, the name "Hooghly" is derived probably from the word 'HOGLA', a tall tree, which grows in abundance on the river banks and in the marshy low lands below them.

     Unity amongst diversity, is the doctrine of India from time immemorial. There are so many religions, languages and cultures among its habitants. District Hooghly in West Bengal is like miniature India. This is the District where the Father of Renaissance of modern India, Raja Ram Mohan Roy was born. This is the District where the modern prophet Sri Ram Krishna, the great novelist, Sarat Chandra, the great poet, Mohitlal Mazumdar & Sir Ashutosh, the great exponent of higher education were born. This is the District where the great writer Bankim Chandra wrote and proclaimed the pledge of freedom movement of India "BANDEMATARAM".

     Administrative Functions has undergone a paradigm shift with the emergence of the concept of digital governance or e-governance. Transparency and accountability acquire a priority in the government offices due to the revolution in the field of Information Technology. National Informatics Centre ,Hooghly District Unit, entrusted with the implementation of e-governance projects under NeGP, has been playing a pivotal role in the district. It is my immense pleasure to announce that this district has been moving very steadily towards a wide spectrum of technology driven citizen-centric services. I would like to congratulate NIC team for achieving a digital footprint for the district administration to touch the lives of many people through developmental schemes. The services like Motor Vehicles(Vahan-Sarathi, HSRP, Permit, Temporary Registration), IFMS, Arms License, e-Registration, Land Records (BHUMI), e-courts, Kanyashree Prakalpa, SCST & OBC Caste Certificate, NADRS, etc. are some of the important services where we have achieved to promote an ICT culture. Also e-Governance Projects like e-Pradan under IFMS, BHUCHITRA, NDAL (National Database of Arms License) etc. will be implemented in the district shortly.

     Election in a vast and diverse country like ours is an enormous challenge for the constitutional players involved. This is regarded as one of the largest human mobilization exercise in the world. NIC, developed software applications in this process provide a glaring example for the feat we have achieved in Information Technology. The Polling Personnel Management System, EVM Randomization, Online Expenditure Monitoring System and qualitative analysis of this human movement enable an organized environment for appropriate decision making by the district administration.

     But there is still a lot to be covered and with right cooperation and support from NIC we could achieve E-District Mission for this district very soon.

                                                                                                                                              Y Ratnakar Rao, IAS

                                                                                                                            District Magistrate & Collector, Hooghly        


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