There are about 55 large and medium scale industries in the district of which mentioned can be made of Dunlop India Ltd.,  Tribeni Tissues, Kesoram Rayon, Bandle  Thermal Power Station,  Hindusthan  Motors, Mother Dairy,  a considerable number of Jute Mills, Cotton Mills etc.


Sl. No. Name of Industries with address Tele phone no. & E-mail Address Item of Production Category
1 Bandel Thermal Power Plant, Bandel   Electric Power  
2 Dankuni Coal Complex, Dankuni   Coal  
3 Mother Dairy, Dankuni   Milk and Curd  


Sl. No. Name of Industries with Address Tele phone no. & E-mail Address Item of Production Category
1 Hindusthan Motors Ltd., Hind Motor,  Automobile Mfg.  
2 The Dunlop Rubber Company India Ltd., Sahaganj Rubber Tyre & Tubes  


3 Jaya Sree Textile & Industries, Rishra Textile Goods
4 Kessoram Rayon, Kuntighat Rayon Pulp.
5. J. K. Steel, Rishra Iron & Steel Industries
6 Tribeni  Tissues, Tribeni Tissue Paper
7 Hindusthan National Glass Ltd., Rishra Glass bottles, Sheetglass, Tubes etc.
8 Angus Works, Baidyabati Rly Wagon Components
9 Kusum Industries, Rishra Hydrogenerated Vegetable Oils
10 Nelco Chemicals, Rishra Chemicals
11 Window Glass, Tribeni Glass Tubes and Glass Products
12 Eastern Paper Mill, Adconagore, Tribeni Paper
13 Lagan Jute Machinery, Bhadreswar Jute Machineries and Components
14 Durgapur Maliabe Casting, Khanyan, Pandua Iron Castings
15 Light Machinery, Khanyan, Pandua Aluminum Foils
16 East India Four Mills (P) Ltd., Delhi Road, Serampore Wheat
17 High Rise Rollar Flour Mill P. Ltd., Sugandhya Wheat
18 Hindustan Develop. Corpn. Ltd., Bamunari Foundry Items
19 Panchanan Cold Storage (P) Ltd., Arambagh Cold Storage
20 Hyderabad Industries Ltd., Hindmotor Indus. & Agri Machinery
21 ICI India Ltd., Rishra Rubber based chemical
22 Indian Rayon & Industries. Ltd., Rishra Processing & Printing of Fabric, Textile & Synthetic Wool
23 SWIL Ltd., Uttarpara Copper & Copper Alloy wire
24 The General Industrial Society Ltd., Baidyabati Cotton Blended yarn
25 India Foils Ltd., Hoera, Khanyan Aluminium foils
26  SS Brick Industries (P) Ltd. Fly Ash Brick
27 Pashupati Seohung Ltd., Chapsara, Serampur Rubber Contraceptive
28 Pulver Ash Ltd., BTPS, Bandel Fly Ash Brick
29 The Phosphate Co. Ltd, Rishra,  SSP, Sulphuric Acid
30 Tirupati Ferro Alloy Udyog (P) Ltd. Niala, Khanyan Steel Fabrication
31 Lead Stone Energy Ltd., Sugandhya Lead alloys
32 Bishnu Potato Storage (P) Ltd. Pursurah Cold Storage

R.S.Ispat (P) Ltd, Dankuni

 Ingot ,Hot rolled steel products
34 Ruia Chemicals & Industries Ltd. Raghunathpur Calcium Carbonate
35 Adhunik Steel (P) Ltd., Serampur Alloy Steel
36 Eastern Jute Wool Tex (P) Ltd. Jute Yarn 
37 Ganesh Steel & Alloys Limited M.S.I. ongts
38 Keshavilal Khandewal Properties Ltd. HDPE Woven Sacks
39 Premier Mettaurgical (P)Ltd. Steel Ingots
40 Anmol Biscuits (P) Ltd., Dankuni Biscuits
41 Khanakul Himghar (P) Ltd.,Khanakul Cold Storage
42 Multi Serve Rolls (P) Ltd. Cast Iron/ Steel Rolls
43 Nezone Tubes Ltd.,Dankuni Steel Tube
44 Tol India Ltd. M.S. Angles, Rods, Rounds etc
45 Walter Craven Ceramic Project India Ltd. Fly Ash Brick Mfg. Machine
46 Brand Alloys Ltd. Steel Products
47 Jainex Metallics Ltd. Ingot Casting
48 Star Battery, Chakundi, Dankuni Lead Acid Battery
49 Hooghly Ispat Ltd Ductile Iron Casting
50 Paceman Sales Promotion Pvt. Ltd. Refined Vegetable Oils
51 Vikrant Alloys & Forgings Ltd. Dankuni,Delhi Road Forging or Stamped but not further Worked
52 Bhusan Industries Ltd. Bangihati,Delhi Road, Serampore Cold Rolled Steel Sheets
53 Hindustan Seals Ltd. Printing inks, Lacquers, Varnishes
54 Leadstone Energy Pvt. Ltd. Red Lead & Calcium Lead Litharge
55 Mukund Foods Pvt. Ltd. Maitypara, Dankuni Food Products
56 Ravi Timber & Allied Products, Durgapur Expressway, Panchgram, Dankuni Plywood


The number of  SSI units  covered  under  registration from DIC  stands at  7669 as  on  31.03.2001. As registration is not obligatory for the SSI sector, the actual number of SSI units is far more than the number represented in the registered sector.

The SSI sector comprises of vast range of productive activities. The small units consists of Rice Mills, Cold Storages, Brick fields, Rolling Mills, Cattle/Poultry feed, Ice  Block/Ice Candy, Paints and  Varnish, Plastic products, Rubber moulded items, Bakery, Wire drawing, Casting of  non-ferrous/ferrous,  PVC rigid pipe, Computer, Hatchery, Rice bran oil, Mustard Seed crushing, Spice grinding, Electronic items etc.

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