Hooghly District Unit of National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Govt. of India, was established in the year 1990.  Since its inception NIC, Hooghly has been busy in playing a catalytic role to cultivate IT culture in the government departments of the district. As the office is situated in the Collectorís premises, it has become integral part of the District Administration.  NIC, Hooghly plays a dual role in implementing State and Central Government IT projects and helping the local administration in exercising day to day IT activities in the district.

  Now, the centre is headed by Bidyapati Kumar, Scientist-E ( Technical Director), as District Informatics Officer (DIO). He is assisted by Additional District Informatics Officer(ADIO), Sri S N Bhattacharjya, Scientist - C (Senior Systems Analyst)).  other staff of the Collectorate,  are also posted in the centre for assisting in various projects.

  Many IT based projects are made operational by this unit with the help of District Administration. A brief description of the projects are mentioned below :

  1. PENSION INFORMATION SYSTEM: The main objective of the project is to prepare monthly pension bills (bank-wise) for State Pensioners, Teacher Pensioners, pensioners receiving pension through Money Order, etc. This ensures disbursement of pension in time. Time to time updation of data, arrear calculation and other related bills are prepared. Pension based MIS is also generated for the district administration

2. TREASURY COMPUTERISATION:   This is a large project implemented in 3 treasuries of this district, namely, Hooghly I, Hooghly-II & Arambagh for generation of treasury accounts, printing of Cheques, passing of bills etc. The project is implemented using host (UNIX) based systems which will be upgraded to Client Server based system very soon.

3. LAND ACQUISITION INFORMATION SYSTEM:   The cumbersome process of estimate preparation, owner-wise calculation, issuing of notices etc are computerised. This has become very effective to dispose LA Cases very promptly (the manual process was very slow and erroneous). This will bring pace in work and  save govt. revenue which is given away as interests on the compensation for unnecessary delay in processing. 

4.EMPLOYEE INFORMATION SYSTEM:  Monthly Pay Bills for departments like Collectorsí Office, NVF, Land Acquisition, Backward Class Welfare Office, Sub-divisional Land & Land Record Office, DM Pool Car Section, DCO. Pay Slips, annexures, Yearly From-16 are also generated. Recently, preparation Gradation list has been taken up by this office.

5.  LAND RECORDS COMPUTERISATION:  Mouza wise land record information stored in the computers at subdivision and block level. Khatians are printed for issue of certified copies at block level. Plot Index and other queries are processed regarding land records for the Administration. It is worth mentioning that Hooghly District became the 1st district to complete entry of land records information in the State.

6. MOTOR VEHICLES INFORMATION SYSTEM:  This is a project  facilitating online Registration of Vehicles and online Collection of Road Taxes. This ensures increase of Government Revenue and brings transparency in the departmental work.

7. SC/ST WELFARE (BCW) - POST MATRIC SCHOLARSHIP  COMPUTERISATION:  In this project, bank-wise bills for Post-Matric Scholarship Distribution is generated for the students of backward classes. This ensures timely distribution of Scholarship and generate accurate MIS for the authority.

8. PUBLIC GRIEVENCE REDRESSAL SYSTEM (PGRS)  :  This online project was started to monitor Public Grievance effectively and take necessary action accordingly. 

9. ARMS LICENSE INFORMATION SYSTEM: The objective of this project is to create a database of the arms license issued,  monitor issue of new arms licenses, renewal of licenses,

10. MPLAD SCHEME MONITORING SYSTEM: This project was implemented by NIC/DM Hooghly to monitor the MPís Local Area Development Scheme for the MPs who get their allotment from this district. 

11. DISTRICT INDUSTRIES CENTRE COMPUTERISATION: NIC has taken part in the computerization of DIC. Software was implemented to monitor Registration of SSI units, Issue Registration Certificates, monitor SSI units production, send up-to-date reports to the Central Government.  

12. FCI OFFICE COMPUTERISATION: Computerisation has been done by us to monitor movement of Goods Wagons despatched from a FCI sending site and actually received at the receiving end..

13.  DRDA COMPUTERISATION:  NIC supported DRDA to develop their IT division from the beginning. Reports returns for Schemes like IRDP, WCRA, etc were done. DRDA Accounts was partly computerized. Computerisation of BPL and other surveys were done with the help of this office.

14.  ELECTION  INFORMATION SYSTEM  :  During the elections NIC, Hooghly always plays a vital role. NIC is entrusted to computerize election related jobs such as Polling Party formation, Printing of Appointment letters, generation of Acquaintance Rolls,  Randomisation of Polling Stations, for Parliament, Assembly, Municipal, Panchayet and By-elections. This year polling party formation was supervised/ implemented by NIC in other subdivisions in the district. The Data Management and result transmission were also catered by this office.

15.  DISTRICT INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR EDUCATION  :  DISE 98 (DPEP) The objective of the project was to create an educational database and provide the much needed information on key performance indicators. The database is for Primary School Level, under District Primary Education Programme (DPEP). Effective for Educational Planning and Management. This project was monitored by NIC and successfully completed. 

16. CERTIFICATE CASES MONITORING :  Computerisation of this section was started long time back but it was discontinued due to some unknown reasons. This was again retrieved in new form recently. It is expected that effective monitoring of cases will be done using the software developed and implemented by NIC.

17. REVENUE INFORMATION SYSTEM:  NIC implemented this system which is used every month for registering monthly revenue data. This data is cumulated with previous months data, also previous years data is compared and report is generated and sent to Divisional Commissioners and State Government. (for Revenue Section, DM).

18.DISTRICT COURT COMPUTERISATION: Judicial Courts computerization was entrusted with NIC. The main objective is to computerize judicial court activities such as generation of cause list, recording of proceedings/orders/verdicts, retrieval of case status at any time, etc. From training to day to day activities are looked upon by this office.

            Apart from the above mentioned projects which are to be supported by this office, there are numerous other IT related activities of this office. They are mentioned below:

  1. Orders relating to Arms & Explosive Act:  The orders of the District Magistrate against violation of Arms Act & Explosive Act are prepared simply by inserting the data and original computer printouts are taken out.
  1. Zilla Parisad Computerisation : NIC provides technical guidance in all type computerization work in Zilla Parishad, like, Purchase of Computers, peripherals, report returns, training etc., setting up of LAN in ZP office.
  1. Census Operations : Technical guidance to install computer, Install and configure Internet, help in word processing related activities.
  1. Divisional Commissionerís Office & Bungalow: Technical guidance to install computer, Install and configure Internet, help in preparation of Secret Reports and other related activities, and maintenance of software.
  1. District Magistrateís & ADMsí Offices& Bungalows: Technical guidance to install computer, Install and configure Internet, help in preparation of Secret Reports and other related activities, and maintenance of software.
  1. Training : This is very important assignment to the NIC District Officials. Trainings are given to most of the departments in the related application software as well as software like MSOFFICE. The Officers, Staffs and Stenos are trained usually. Special training programmes are organized for Commissionerís office and bungalow staffs. Master trainers were prepared for Subdivision level.
  1. Network Related Activities :

NIC is having a KU-band satellite based VSAT connection called IPA. This can give speed connectivity to the web for accessing Internet. The services we impart are:

i)                    Giving UUCP/UUPC connections to different offices.

ii)                   E-mail service for different offices. This includes configuring e-mail connections, generation of e-mail IDS for the District offices upto Block Level.

iii)                 Configuring Internet Connections for MPs, Commissioner, DM, ADM etc.

iv)                 Bibliographic Information on medical science, ie, MEDLARís Search for Medical Practitioners, is available on the NICNET and district centre.

v)                  Receiving, editing and distributing e-mails in the collectorate & nearby offices.

  1. Web Site Related Activities:

i)                    Designing & Creation of web pages with the help of other departments.

ii)                   Make arrangements to host the web pages in different Servers.

iii)                 Time to time updation, upgradation and enhancement of the site.

  1. Recruitment Examinations: This office helps the District Administration to conduct different type of recruitment examinations, by setting question papers, conducting IT related interviews, automating the result analysis process etc.
  1. Hardware Related Activities: This office is sometimes compelled by the situation to attend hardware problems. Though there is no hardware expert in this office, the existing staffs try to solve the problems as far as practicable. Suggestions relating to the purchase of hardware items, calling of quotations & tenders, maintenance etc are done by this office.
  1. GIS Station in the District: This office is also entrusted to cater the technical needs of the Geographical Information System stationed at Hooghly Zilla Parishad building.

To conclude, this office takes the oath to go on creating informatics awareness in promoting and systemising the data collection, organisation, processing and its online accessibility.

                                                          Thank You

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