Office information

Office Name & Address Head of the Office with designation Contact Phone No
Executive Engineer Hooghly Highway Division-I  P.W.(Roads) Deptt. Pipulpati, Hooghly SUPERINTENDING ENGINEER State Highway Circle II Bhavani Bhavan, Kolkata -27 033-2680-2303


Sl. No. Office Name & Address Head of the Office with Designation Contact Phone No / eMail Id
1 HOOGHLY DIVISION, (P.W.D.) CHAWK BAZAR, HOOGHLY Executive Engineer, Hooghly Division, (P.W.D.) Phone No.-2680 2305 
Fax No.- 2681 1942
2 SERAMPORE  DIVISION, (P.W.D.) AMULYA KANAN, G. T. ROAD, SERAMPORE, HOOGHLY Executive Engineer, Serampore Division, (P.W.D.) Phone No.-2622 0422
3 ARAMBAGH  DIVISION, (P.W.D.)  AT & PO ARAMBAGH, HOOGHLY Executive Engineer, Arambagh Division, (P.W.D.) Phone No.-03211 255053
4 HOOGHLY HIGHWAY SUB-DIVISION Lalkuthir, Pankhatully, Hooghly

EXECUTIVE ENGINEER Hooghly Highway Division-I PW (Roads) Deptt.

5 SERAMPORE HIGHWAY SUB-DIVISION 87/A/A/West G.T. Road, Mallikpara, Serampore, Hooghly 2622-0177
6 ARAMBAGH HIGHWAY SUB-DIVISION Arambagh, Hooghly 95321155061


1 Hooghly Sadar Section at Hooghly ASSISTANT ENGINEER Hooghly Highway Sub-Division

2662 0177

2 Mogra Section at Mogra  
3 Pandua Section at Pandua  
1 Kalachhara Section at Kalachhara ASSISTANT ENGINEER Serampore Highway Sub-Division 9112 45950
2 Sheakhala Section at Sheakhala 9112 25570
3 Jangipara Section at Jangipara  
1 Arambagh Sadar Section at Arambagh ASSISTANT ENGINEER Arambagh Highway Sub-Division 95321155061
2 Khanakul Section at Khanakul  
3 Kamarpukur Section at Kamarpukur