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                         Description of Works / Jobs Entrusted

The main objective of Social Welfare is to assist Weaker Section of the Community, Different Schemes of Social Welfare have been undertaken for the Welfare of Weaker Section of the Society. Different Programmes which comes under the purview of Social Welfare are :

Care and Protection of Children during crisis situation, adoption of Children Sponsorship of Children, Welfare of disabled persons, Welfare of Women, old infirm and other. Mobilization and Sensitizations of Public against Social evils such as dowry. Immoral trafficking, prevention of Crime against Women. Prevention of Child Marriage, Legal Aid, rehabilitation of drug addicts, prevention of drug abuse, vocational training programme. There schemes are of four categories :

     1.        Welfare of Children.

2.        Welfare of Women.

3.        Welfare of disabled persons.

4.        Other Welfare Schemes.


1. Child Welfare :-

       a)          Integrated child Development scheme (ICDS), Total Nos. of ICDS Projects are 18 (eighteen).

     b)          Destitute Home Welfare and Development of Children in need of care and Protection:-

            i)                   There is only on Govt. Home for destitute girls in Hooghly district – Uttarpara Destitute Home for Girls.

           ii)                 There are destitute Home for Boys and Girls run by NGOs under Cottage Scheme.

                     Kalyan Bharati, Kamarkundu Dulal Smriti samsad, Khajurdaha, Dhaniakhali, Prabartak Seva Niketan for Girls Chandernagore, Satya Bharati, Nabagram, Konnagar.

          iii)      Home under J.J. Act, 2000 (Care & Protection of Children). Janasiksha Prochar Kendra, Jangipara Prabartak Seva Niketan. (Heaving Impaired) Chandernagore.

     c)        Non Institutional care for Destitute Children (N.I.CDC) Providing Scholarship to Destitute Children @ Rs. 60/- per month District Quota – 170.


2.  Welfare of Women :-

      a)           Social Welfare is providing to Pension to   Widows @ Rs. 500/- P.M. District    Quota – 634.

      b)          Tailoring cum Production Centre. To impact training in tailoring and cutting to destitute girls and women for their economic rehabilitation, Training period are year, Stipend Rs. 200/- P.M. There are 5 (five) Nos. of centre (T.C.PC) in follows Block / Sub-Division of Hooghly District. :-

                   i) Pandua,

                  ii) Balagarh,

                 iii) Haripal,

                 iv) Singur,

                  v) Chandernagore Sub-Division.   

c)    Short Stay Home for Women in district run by NGO :-

           Dulal Smriti Samsad, Khajurdah, Dhaniakhali, Satya Bharati Nabagram, Konnagore Janasiksha Prochar Kendra, Jangipara.

d)             To centre awareness among the public the following NGO are involved in awareness generation programme relating to women issues like atrocities on Women, Crime against Women, Dowry Prohibition, Prevention of Child Marriage. Anti trafficking etc.

Janasiksha Prochar Kendra Jangipara, Dulal Smriti Samsad, Khajurdah, Dhaniakhali, Satya Bharati, Konnagore Nabagram Nari Unnayan Samity, Deulpara, Swami Vivekananda Seva Samity, Chinsurah. Neitai Chand Smrity Sangha, Khajurdah, Dhaniakhali.

e)     NORAD Schemes through West Bengal   Women’s Development undertaking.

              The Main objective of the Scheme thus is to rehabilitate the destitute Women through vocational training so that Women can become economical independent


3.  Welfare of the Disabled Person :-

   a)    Providing disability pension @ Rs. 500/- P.M. District Quota – 415

   b)  Medical Board – Regular Medical Boards are being held in each Sub-Divisions,  Hospital and District Hospital for Medical Examination and issue of Medical Certificate, Beside Block Level Medical Camps for identification of Persons with disabilities are being organized.

    c)       Issue of Identity Cards to disabled Persons.

    d)      Distribution of Prosthetic Aids and Application to disabled Person.

   e)     Providing Scholarship to Physically Handicapped Students studying below Class – IX.

   f)       Provision for Loan up to Rs. 5 Lakhs for Self Employment of disabled Persons through National Handicapped and Financial Development Corporation.

   g)       NGOs are being involved to organize awareness camp at Block / Sub-Division Level on implementation of PWD Act, 1995 and National Trust Act, 1999.

   h)     Barrier free construction within Building.

    i)     Inchesion of disabled Persons in all Poverty Alleviation Schemes.

    j)    Appointment of Legal Guardian for Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple disabilities.


4.  Other Welfare Schemes :-

     a)          Providing Old Age pension @ Rs. 500/- P.M. District Quota – 2867.

 b)           Old Age Home run by NGOs.

             i)       Kalyan Bharati, Kamarkundu, Hooghly.

ii)       Janasiksha Prochar Kendra, Hooghly.

iii)     Satyabharati, Konnagore, Hooghly.

 c)                  Convergence with different departments of Government and Non-Government Organisation.

 d)            Various Programmes on awareness on different Social issues like, Health, Immunisation Gender Equality, Legal Aid, Literacy for Women, Problem of disabilities, Atrocities on Women and other Social issues.


Acts / Rules applicable:.  

   a)      Juvenile Justice (care & protection of children) Act,               2000.

    b)       The West Bengal Juvenile Justice (care & protection   of children) Rules 2003. 

        c)  Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961.

    d)  The West Bengal Dowry Prohibition Rules, 1989.

           i)  PWD Act, 1995 (Equal opportunities, Protection of Rights, Full Participation).

           ii) The West Bengal Persons with Disabilities (Equal opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Rules, 1999.

    e)  National Trust Act, 1999.

         f)  The Child Marriage Retraint Act, 1929.


  Citizen Services:-  

     Old Age Pension is provided to Senior Citizen.

Forms to Apply  

      Forms are available from B.D.O. Office.  

To Whom & Where to Apply  

     1.)  Application forms with necessary document under different schemes may be submitted to B.D.O. / S.D.O of the concerned Block / Sub-Division.

           2.)  The application addressed to District Magistrate, Hooghly in respect of NGO should be routed through concerned B.D.O. of the Block and S.D.O of the Sub-Division.

           3.)  The application in respect of issue of Medical Certificate should be submitted to the Superintendent of District Hospital/Sub-Divisional Hospital.

           4.)  The application in respect of issue of identity cards to PWDs should be submitted to District Social Welfare Officer in respect of Sadar Sub-Division.

           5.)  In respect of Chandernagore Sub-Division to C.D.P.O, Singur.

         6.) In respect of Serampore to C.D.P.O., Chanditala-I.

           7.)  In respect of Arambagh Sub-Division to C.D.P.O. – Goghat – II.

         8.)  The application in respect of appointment of Legal Guardian under National Trust Act should be submitted to District Social Welfare Officer, Chinsurah Collectorate Building, Hooghly. The applications should be addressed to Chairperson. Local Level Committee and District Magistrate, Hooghly.

             9.)  The application relating to dowry Prohibition may be submitted to District Dowry Prohibition Officer and District Social Welfare Officer, Hooghly.

            10)  The application relating to Women issues and disabilities issues may be submitted to District Social Welfare Officer, Hooghly. The applications should be addressed to District Magistrate, Hooghly.


Mode of Payment  

Pension Scheme

District Quota



Old Age Pension


@ Rs. 500/-P.M

Through E.O. Panchayat Samity / S.D.Os


Disability Pension


@ Rs. 500/-P.M

Through E.O. Panchayat Samity / S.D.Os


Widow Pension


@ Rs. 500/-P.M

Through E.O. Panchayat Samity / S.D.Os


Scholarship to PH Students


@ Rs.  60/-P.M

Through E.O. Panchayat Samity / S.D.Os


Scholarship under NICDC


@ Rs.  60/-P.M

Through E.O. Panchayat Samity / S.D.Os


Validity of Identity Cards  

     The identity Card should remain valid for 10 Years from date of issued of identity card.  

      While applying for identity cards the following documents are required:-

               1)  Ration Card.

               2)  Residential Certificate.

               3)  Income Certificate.

               4) Photographs (4 copies stamp size), 2 copies full photograph (passport size).

               5)  Voter’s identity Card.

               6)  Age Proof Certificate.