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                                             Proactive Disclosures

                                                    Name of Section

                         District Election Department, Office of the District Magistrate, Hooghly

                                                     Description of Job/Work Entrusted      

Mainly to conduct all types of Election to the Lok Sabha & Bidhan Sabha with all preparatory work for such election viz. Preparation of Electoral Roll, Issuance od Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC), Rationalization of Polling Stations, Delimitation of the Constituencies, etc.

                                                 Acts/Rules Applicable

              1)  Manual of election laws (R.P. Act 1950, R.P. Act 1951, R.E. Rules 1961).

                   2) Compendium of conduct of election.

                   3)  Hand Book of Returning officers.

                   4) Manual of E.V.M. etc.

                      * All these Hand Books and Manuals are available at the department.


                                                                    Citizen Services

                   1) Registering new names in the Electoral Roll (Form 6)

                   2)  Correction of particulars in Electoral Roll (Form 8) 

                   3) Deletion of particulars from Electoral Roll (Form 7)

                   4) Change of inhabitation of Electors (Form 8A)

                                * All forms are distributed free of cost


                                                     Particulars in Electoral Roll

                   1) In hard copy for each Polling Station may be purchased from this office for Rs.2/- per page

                   2) In soft copy in the form of a CD may be purchased from this office for Rs.50/- per CD

                   3) An information Kiosk has been installed at the first floor of this office for instant display (using a Search Engine Software) of Electoral information free of cost.

                   4) The information of an individual is given by searching the Electoral Roll manually at the Election Department, which is free of cost. 


                                                          Registration in Electoral Roll

New Registration, Deletion and Correction in the Electoral Roll is done as per scheduled publication date given by the Chief Electoral Officer, West Bengal.

                                                                        Issue of EPIC

                 a) Fresh EPIC: Form 001 delivered free of cost.

                 b) Duplicate EPIC:  Form 004 for application with a G.D. of concerned Police Station. Form 002  with a fee of Rs.25/- for duplication of EPIC.

                 c) In case of Fresh & Duplicate Form 003 is issued as receipt.


                                                                 Permanent EPIC Center

   The Permanent EPIC Centre is located at the District office, which remains open during the Office Hours.

                                                                        Delivery of EPIC

                       Delivery of EPIC is done within 24 hours at the permanent EPIC Centre

                                                               To Whom & Where To Apply

For Electoral Roll -- For all Electoral Roll related forms that is for Form 6, Form 7, Form 8 and Form 8A: Concerned Electoral Registration Officer (ERO).

For EPIC -- For all EPIC related forms that is for Form 001,002 and Form 004: Concerned Electoral Registration Officer (ERO).


                                                                          Election Website

             a) All related information and instructions are available online from the Election Commission of India (ECI) from their website:

             b) All related information and instructions are available online from the Chief Electoral Officer of West Bengal at his website:

              c) All related information and instructions are available online from the District Election  Officer, Hooghly District remains available during the Election Period at the District website:

                                                                          Person To Contact

Officer-in-Charge -- Officer-in-charge, Election Department: Ph. 033 2680 8591 (Direct), 033 26802122 (Extn.220)