Issue & Renewal of Indo Bangladesh Passport Application Fee for International Passport
Application Fee for Indo Bangladesh Passport Applying for Fresh International Passport
Whom & Where to Apply for Indo Bangladesh Passport Documents Required for International Passport
International Passport Number of Days Required for International Passport

                                               Proactive Disclosures

                                                                      Name of Section

      District passport (international) applications collection center. (DPACC) and Indo-Bangladesh Passport Section

                                                 Description of Works / Jobs Entrusted

   a) Passport Section of this Collectorate deals with the important matters with regard to issue of Indo-Bangladesh Passports (IBP), renewal of Indo-Bangladesh Passports.

   b) Sale of blank IPP forms & receiving the same duly filled in, verification of the forms, sending those to Regional Passport Office (RPO), Kolkata, after enquiry by S.P. (D.I.B.) Hooghly with regard to International Passport.After March 2004, a District Passport application Collection Centre has started functioning within the Section dealing with sale, receipt etc. of International Passport applications except issue of the same which is done by R.P.O.  Kolkata.

                                                            Acts / Rules Applicable

     Indian Passport Act 1950 & 1967, Indian Citizenship Act, 1955 & various Govt. orders issued from time to time.

                                                                 Citizen Services

    A) Issue and Renewal of Indo - Bangladesh Passport --- Regarding issuance of Indo Bangladesh Passport with effect from 01/04/2002.

            1) Forms to Apply -- The forms are not supplied from the Section; rather this should be collected from the registered agency.  A passport is issued under the Passports Act, 1967.

            2) To Whom & Where To Apply -- An application for a passport may be submitted personally or through a representative carrying an Authority letter or by ‘registered post’ with all   documents duly attested by a gazetted officer.

                        The applications duly filled in, in duplicate, should be submitted in the IBP section at 1st floor of Hooghly Collectorate.  The application should be addressed to the District Magistrate, Hooghly. 


            3) Application Fee & Mode Of Payment --

                  i) Fresh passport                                                                             Rs. 500/-

                 ii) Renewal                                                                                        Rs. 300/-

                iii) Supplementary passport (Additional booklet)               Rs. 500/-

                iv) Lost and damaged passport                                                   Rs. 1000/- 

                 v) Deletion of child’s name from parent's passport            Rs. 300/-

                vi) Minor’s passport                                                                         Rs. 500/-

            4) Validity of passports -- Since 1st April 2002, a new passport is issued with a fee of Rs. 500/- for validity of 10 years.

      * In case of minor whose name has already been included in parents’ passport is to be deleted with a fee of Rs. 300/-


            5) Police Verification --

                 Children upto 15 years of age, with at least one of the parents’ possessing a valid passport, does not require any further Police Verification.  For children between 15 – 18 years of age, the passport will be issued only after Police Verification.

                 Fees of passport are collected in D.C.R. with three identical pages.  One copy is kept in the application form, other receipt is handed over to the applicant & third copy is sent to Nezarath Department.  The applicant should bring with him, the receipt showing the payment of fees,at the collection of the passport.

                  Tatkaal is not applicable in case of Indo Bangladesh Passport.  Initial validity of India Bangladesh passport is 10 years.  However, in case of IBP issued on emergency basis without Police Verification, the validity is only one year, which can be extended up to 10 years after getting Police Verification to the satisfaction of issuing authority.

                   In case of Govt.  Employee (Central or State) the Indo Bangladesh Passport is issued for 10 (ten) years validity subject to submission of an appropriate No Objection Certificate.  No Police Verification is required in such cases.   This is applicable to purely Govt. employees and not the employees of undertakings / Corporations.

                   Retired Govt. servants who have held while in service a diplomatic official passport, in such cases, there will be no police verification at all.  They will have to produce cancelled old passport as a proof.

                   Senior citizens who are aged 65 years or above are to be issued Indo Bangladesh Passport for 10 years validity, if any of their adult children has a valid passport with the requirement of post issue police verification.


       B) International Passport ---

            i) The 4 (four) copies of T.R. Challan form no. 7 are to be passed by Passport Section, to deposit applicant of Rs. 10/- in S.B.I. and producing two copies paid challan to the section.  The applications can be collected from passport section.

            ii) The applications should be filled in, in duplicate.

           iii) The following all-inclusive fee is to be paid along with the application form by Bank draft in favour of the Regional Passport Officer, Kolkata.  In case of Demand Draft, full name of applicant and application number to be written on the reverse of the draft.

            iv) Application Fee --

                 a)      Fresh passport (36 pages) of 10 years validity – Rs. 1000/-

                 b)      Fresh passport (60 pages) of 10 years validity – Rs. 1500/-

                 c)     Fresh passport of Minors below 18 years of age of 5 (five) years validity – Rs. 600/-

             v) Delivery of Passport -- Passport shall be delivered only to the applicant or despatched by Registered post with acknowledgement or speed post to the address given in the application form.

              vi) Photographs -- Seven identical photographs in Black & White or in color of 35mm X 35mm showing frontal view of full face against a light background are required.

                          Four photographs should be pasted on the application in full boxes provided.  Two clear photographs should be pasted on page 5 without signature and one unsigned photograph on the passport Application Registration form.  In the remaining four photographs the applicant should sign across the pasted photograph in such a way that half signature appears on the photograph and remaining on the application form.


               vii) Remarks -- Out of turn issue of passport under Tatkaal Scheme of any emergency one should produce documentation along with Tatkaal fee within 10 (ten) days – Rs. 1500/- + passport fee, within 11 to 35 days – Rs. 1000/- + passport fee.

               viii) Documents Required -- Self attested copies of all documents are required to be attached with the original form.  Original should however, also be produced for verification.

                ix)  While Applying For Fresh Passport -- two copies of the following documents are required, in proof of date of birth and Citizenship/Residential status:

                          (a) Applicant’s Ration Card,

                          (b) Proof of date of birth,

                          (c) Affidavit for illiterate person,

                          (d) Residential Certificate,

                          (e) No Objection Certificate (for Govt. employees),

                          (f)  Marriage Certificate / Affidavit (for married women applying for the first time).


                     x) In recapitulation -- The applicant should produce and submit documents, while obtaining International Passport the followings:-

                             a)   He/ She deposit the Requisite fee of Rs. 1000/- by Bank Demand Draft in favour of R.P.O. Kolkata with 7 (seven) copies of photographs.

                             b) He/ She is a citizen of India by Birth/ decent/ registration/ naturalization as per his/ her declaration.

                             c) He/ She is not entitled to ECNR stamp. Emigration check not required (ECNR)

                      xi) Person To Contact -- Officer-in-Charge of Passport , Hooghly Collectorate . (033) 2680-2122, Extension No. 341.

                       xii) Number of Days Required -- In total 60 (sixty days), from the date of submission of the application form, duly filled in, supported with requisite classified documents.  

                        xiii) Remarks -- The tenure of the period for having passport especially for Indo Bangladesh Passport appears not to be exceeded 60 (sixty) calendar days.


                        xiv) Status on Application / Petitioner in Section -- Especially the section is meant for offering relief to the persons seeking Indo Bangladesh Passport & International Passport. District Magistrate is the Competent Authority to issue Indo Bangladesh Passport where Regional Passport Officer, Kolkata is for International Passport, the processing of International Passport is conducted in District Magistrate’s office, in collaboration with the direct activation of verification Report, monitored and exercised by S.P. (D.I.B) Hooghly.