Name of the Section : Normal Relief Section, Hooghly Collectorate.

Description of Work and Job Entrusted : This section deals with welfare scheme for the very weaker section of the district through out the year, apart from the emergeant work which is suppose to be required in the event of any type of natural calamity like flood, Cyclone, Drought  and Hailstorm etc.

Act / Rule Appilicable : Act and Rule issued by the Govt. from time to time  and also compendium.

Citizen  Services : Distribution of all kinds of G.R , H.B. Grant ( both N.C. & Fire) , E.R Grant, Ex-Gratia Grant and Relief Materials, M.L.A Quota on regular basis and at the time of any natural calamity through S.D.Os and B.D.Os or peoples representatives.

Form to Apply : The form are not supplied by this district office it may be obtain from  Municipality Or Block level offices.

To Whom and Where to Apply : An application may be submitted to the municipality and Block level respectively.

Method of Disposal : Applications are received from the concerned S.D.Os with recommendation and the same are placed to the appropriate authority for necessary sanction and accordingly allotment are asked from the Govt.

Fees applications : No fees are required for submitting.

Process and Distribution : After obtaining approval and allotment from the appropriate authority the same are sub-allotted to the B.D.Os or S.D.Os concern for making payment to the actual beneficiaries.

Documents Required : Applications should be submitted by justifying necessity and jenuinness of the case along with requisit documents as laid down in different G.Os.

Remarks : All applications are placed before the screening committee or Officer-in-Charge as per norms.

Contact Persons :

        a)    Sri Chinmoy Kumar Bankura, District Relief Officer  Contact no. 2680-6195 at district level.

        b)    Sub-divisional Realief Officer at Sub-divisional level

        c)    Block Development Officer / Block Relief Officer at block level.

        d)    Mayor/Chairman at Corporation and Municipality level.