SERAMPORE COLLEGE

Serampore College, the reminiscence of the famous Trio: Carey, Marshman and Ward, is an important name in the history of India, was established on 15th July, 1818 by the Serampore Mission.  This institution is a college for the instructions of the Asiatic Christians and other youths in Eastern literature and Western Science.

Its system include both eastern and western faculties of knowledge and its availability was made unrestricted.  It is the first and only Institution in India where religion and secular branches of knowledge are taught simultaneously.

The college started with 37 students in 1818.  The college secured from the king Frederick VI of Denmark, a Royal Charter which empowered the college to cater upon the students degrees of rank and honour.  This college is the first in Asia to possess such power of granting degrees.  The college got its secular section affiliated to Calcutta University when it was established in 1858.

During the tenure of Principal Dr. George Howells in 1906, a great expansion of the college was witnessed with the opening of Higher Theological studies and from 1915 the college started to cater degrees in Theology.

The college is marching forward in the second century with its glories past inspite of several difficulties.


The college has already got the approval from Calcutta University for opening Electronics and Statistics in under graduate level.  Due to paucity of funds and shortage of teaching and non-teaching staff college cannot open these two subjects.

College is actively considering the opening of some Post Graduate courses in two or three subjects requested by Director of Public Instruction and University and also considering the opening of subjects like Computer Science, Geography, Education etc. in under graduate level.